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Kuiper en Zonen leases various boiler installations for when you have a temporary need for steam, warm water or hot water. For example, when moving or to guarantee continuation during an inspection period.
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Steam boiler rental
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Kuiper en Zonen not only sells and services boiler installations, but also leases them. Do you temporarily need more steam, warm water or hot water, either for a shorter or a longer period of time? For example, if your own installation has broken down, if you temporarily require extra capacity when moving or to help you out during an inspection period. You may also wish to lease a boiler because of exceptional weather conditions or as a result of changes to your production process.

We can supply rental steam boilers, heating boilers, hot-water boilers, flue gas coolers and deaerators from stock. We have standard 16 MW boilers in our range. This means that we are able to deliver high-capacity boilers, for example, for district heating.

•             Steam boilers from 0.5 - 25 tonnes per unit and pressures up to 25 barg.
•             Warm-water boilers from 170 kW to 16 MW.
•             Hot-water boilers from 785 kW to 16 MW.

Boiler rentals throughout Europe

Our rental installations have been subjected to an integration assessment (in accordance with PED CE97/23 EC) and are fitted with low NOx combination burners, which makes them suitable for use throughout Europe. As a result of our complete range of products, Kuiper en Zonen can meet every possible temporary or permanent need for energy (steam or warm/hot water) within the shortest possible time.

Advantages of renting a boiler from Kuiper en Zonen

Renting a boiler from Kuiper en Zonen offers many advantages to your company:

•             Fast service and delivery thanks to our own transport service and skilled technicians.
•             Mobile steam and heating boiler installations immediately available from stock.
•             Expert technical and logistical advice.

Rental solutions

Besides rental boilers, we also offer many other rental solutions, such as:

•             1,500-11,000 litre oil tanks.
•             Deaerators
•             Feedwater tanks.
•             Pump sets.
•             Water softeners.
•             Steam generators.
•             Expansion chambers.

The majority of these components are integrated in a 20 ft. container to make transport easy and so that you do not have to worry about protecting them against the influences of the weather, such as rain and frost.

For more information, take a look at our brochure for rental boilers. Do you have any questions? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to be of assistance.