Improved-efficiency warm-water boiler

If your central heating system operates at a temperature of between 70-90 °C, an improved-efficiency boiler is the best option for you. A condenser can be installed to achieve high efficiency.
Kuiper warm-water boiler Pinassia 1
Kuiper warm-water boiler Pinassia
Improved-efficiency warm-water boiler Pinassia

Kuiper en Zonen sells new and reconditioned improved-efficiency heating boilers. They are boilers whose flue gas temperature remains above the condensation point of 57 °C. These heating boilers allow you to achieve an efficiency of 94%. This type of heating boiler is often used to heat schools, office buildings and swimming pools. Heating boilers are used in situations that require a relatively high water supply temperature.

Many of our improved-efficiency boilers are available from stock. We also lease and service these heating boilers. Do you require a lower supply temperature? Then it is best to choose a high-efficiency heating boiler.

Advantages of an improved-efficiency heating boiler

A heating boiler from Kuiper en Zonen offers many advantages to your company.

•             Efficient and environmentally-friendly thanks to the gradually reduced boiler temperature, the long burner service life and the smaller number of activation intervals.
•             Extra energy savings can be achieved by using a stainless steel flue gas and water heat exchanger.
•             The small size of the heating boilers and the ability to walk on the top of the boiler thanks to the use of tread plates make them easy to install and service.
•             High reliability and a long service life thanks to the multiscale convection heating surfaces.

Most important properties of an improved-efficiency heating boiler

The most important product properties of our improved-efficiency heating boilers are given below:

•             Low nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions thanks to low-temperature oil/gas heating and the low load placed on the combustion chamber.
•             The standard efficiency of 94% can be improved by using a flue gas/water heat exchanger.
•             Reliable heat transfer and good internal circulation thanks to the wide water walls and large water volume.

Product solutions

Kuiper en Zonen has the following improved-efficiency heating boilers from the manufacturer Viessmann in its product range:

•             VITOPLEX 200: 90 to 560 kW
•             VITOPLEX 200: 700 to 1950 kW
•             VITOPLEX 300: 90 to 560 kW
•             VITOPLEX 300: 620 to 2000 kW

See the full technical documentation of our products. Do you have any questions? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to be of assistance.