Do you wish to make savings on your gas bill? With a flue gas condenser, you can save up to 16%. Kuiper en Zonen will be happy to inform you of the possibilities for your boiler installation.
Kuiper flue gas cooler condenser

Kuiper en Zonen sells new and reconditioned flue gas coolers. Do you want to recover the heat from your flue gases? Then you should use a flue gas condenser and an economizer.

The flue gas condenser is installed in the flue after the economizer. The flue gas condenser cannot only recover the perceptible heat from the flue gases, but also the latent heat. Latent heat is the heat that is released during the condensation of the water vapour in the flue gases. Depending on your business process, this allows you to achieve an efficiency improvement of up to 16%.

A flue gas condenser often pays for itself within less than six months. Many of our flue gas condensers are available from stock. We also service flue gas condensers.

Advantages of using a flue gas condenser as a flue gas cooler

Combining a boiler from Kuiper en Zonen with a flue gas condenser offers many advantages to your company:

•             An improvement in energy efficiency of up to 16%
•             Reduced CO2 emissions
•             A large cost saving; the investment often pays for itself within six months

Most important properties of flue gas condensers

The most important product properties of our flue gas coolers (flue gas condensers) are given below:

•             Made entirely of stainless steel 316
•             A long service life, because the construction of the flue gas condenser allows the heating element to be turned off
•             Accurate temperature control thanks to the integrated bypass duct, which leads the flue gases past the pipe bundle when the temperature of the water is too high (we call this an internal flue gas bypass)

See the full technical documentation of our products. Do you have any questions? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to be of assistance.