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Flue gas coolers

When should you use a condenser in your steam boiler installation and when should you use an economizer? Everything depends on the payback period. Kuiper en Zonen will be happy to inform you of all the possibilities.
Flue gas cooler

A flue gas cooler considerably increases the efficiency of your installation. Depending on the process, you can achieve an improvement in efficiency of approximately 11%. This means that a flue gas cooler often pays for itself within 6 months.

By cooling the flue gases to 40 - 50 °C, a flue gas cooler can save up to 16% in the use of gas. We will be happy to calculate the possible savings for your company and it is often possible to give you an energy balance over the telephone. In many cases, it results in a saving of thousands of euros.

Condenser, economizer or both?

Do you want to achieve a considerable energy saving? Then use a condenser, an economizer or both. Depending on your situation and the set-up, you can save up to 16%. We can provide you with detailed advice concerning the steam production, so that you can make optimal use of a flue gas cooler or an economizer.

Do you have any questions? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to be of assistance.