Boiler purchase tips

Five tips concerning efficiency, construction, the burner, safety and maintenance that are useful when purchasing a steam boiler. Kuiper en Zonen is the only company in the Netherlands to supply all the components and services required for an industrial boiler installation.
Viessmann deaeretor WAS 200

When purchasing either a low-pressure steam boiler or a high-pressure steam boiler, it is important to give attention to a number of points. In particular, reliability and speed are very important when purchasing a boiler, because they can give you both financial and operational advantages.

We first construct your boiler ourselves in our manufacturing facility so that it can be extensively tested. This ensures that it works correctly when it is installed at your place of work. That fact alone is unique, but on top of that, we also give you five tips that will reassure you that purchasing a boiler from Kuiper en Zonen is the right choice to make.

1. Efficiency - ask for an efficiency guarantee

When buying a boiler, a price difference of a few thousand euros seems like a lot of money. However, the real price difference is in the efficiency of the boiler. A difference in efficiency of 1% over a service life of 30 years can result in a cost saving of more than one hundred thousand euros. The total cost of ownership (TCO) determines the really interesting purchase price.

2. Choose a proven boiler construction

There are various constructions for the reversing chamber. In order to make the right choice, it is important to know the differences. That will save you a lot of money, because of the lower gas consumption. Pay attention to the following types:

•             A steam generator (coil type) has an average service life of 10 years and the lowest efficiency of them all.
•             A two-pass boiler has a low efficiency and a relatively short service life.
•             Above an installed capacity of 1,000 kW, the reversing flame boiler does not meet the NOx emission requirements.
•             A three-pass boiler (with integrated water-cooled reversing chamber) has a proven service life of more than 60 years. Furthermore, this type of construction produces extremely dry steam, which results in a high transfer of heat and low maintenance costs for the pipes.

We only supply three-pass boilers with an integrated water-cooled reversing chamber. With this type of boiler, you are guaranteed long-term reliability and continuity, as well as a high efficiency, which saves you a lot of money.

3. Pay attention to the burner installation

Make sure the steam boiler has an industrial burner. Industrial burners have universal parts, so you are not dependent on one party for maintenance.

Exchangeable parts (which a total supplier will have in stock) can be replaced quickly, which guarantees the continuity of your process.

Also pay attention to whether the boiler has lining around the burner, because that is one of the most vulnerable parts of a boiler. The lining is maintenance sensitive and must be replaced after a certain number of years.

An alternative for lining is a water-cooled feed-through tube from the burner. Our Viessmann boilers are water cooled. They, therefore, require little maintenance and have low NOx emissions (nitrogen oxide). A boiler from Kuiper en Zonen saves not only money, but also the environment.

4. Safety and maintenance - ask about the thickness of the insulation and the temperature of the plating

A boiler can become extremely hot. This can result in a hazardous situation or an injury if the boiler is touched with the bare hand. The thickness of the insulation and the temperature on the outside (on the plating) are, therefore, important aspects. Viessmann boilers have a housing with 120 mm thick insulation. This has two advantages:

•             Higher efficiency compared to the usual 100 mm thick insulation.
•             A safe temperature of the plating, which is always below 50 °C.

With a boiler from Kuiper en Zonen, you create a safe working environment.

5. Minimize the risk of breakdowns

You can prevent faults by having a boiler regularly serviced. If a fault does occur despite regular maintenance, you want to be operational again as quickly as possible. If you choose Kuiper en Zonen, you will immediately get a replacement boiler from our range of rental boilers in the event of an emergency. The fact that we have a maintenance and installation service of our own ensures short communication lines and a single, clear point of contact.

Choose a boiler with PLC control to reduce the risk of a breakdown even more. PLC control allows Kuiper en Zonen to remotely access the boiler and, if necessary, to read the problem and take over control of the boiler. We can then assess the fault and start working on a solution before a mechanic even reaches you. An additional advantage of PLC control is that we can measure trends in order to achieve the highest efficiency possible for the boiler.

Kuiper en Zonen is the only steam boiler company in the Netherlands that has all the aspects related to an industrial boiler installation under one roof.