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Boiler maintenance

Our range of services includes regular boiler maintenance, as well as boiler inspections and preventative burner maintenance.
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Besides selling and leasing boiler installations, Kuiper en Zonen also services your steam boiler, hot-water boiler, central heating boiler, deaerator and flue gas cooler. Our maintenance options include guidance for your boiler inspections and preventative burner maintenance. You can read more about the procedure to be followed below:

Boiler inspection

Kuiper en Zonen is the address for guidance for your boiler inspection. The boiler inspection is performed by a notified body, such as the inspection authority Lloyd's. Kuiper en Zonen overhauls the fittings and safety devices. Kuiper en Zonen also helps the inspector. We then put the boiler back together and put it back into operation. Finally, we tighten all the gaskets and pressure sleeves and check whether they are airtight. After this procedure, your steam boiler will work without any problems for the next two years.

Burner maintenance

Kuiper en Zonen services burners for companies that have a boiler with industrial burners of a capacity of 100 kW or more. Depending on the load the burner is subjected to, the maintenance is carried out once a year. This maintenance is carried out to prevent problems. On the one hand, to guarantee reliability and on the other, to optimize the service life of the burner. Regular and good maintenance of your burner ensures clean combustion, which is also better for the environment.

Procedure for burner maintenance

Before the burner can be serviced, you must have a First Special Inspection (EBI) report. This inspection takes place when your steam boiler installation is put into operation. Kuiper en Zonen assesses whether the installation has been installed and configured in accordance with the applicable safety and environmental requirements. Kuiper en Zonen provides this First Special Inspection report in cooperation with SCIOS-certified companies. The details from the First Special Inspection report serve as the basis for the annual maintenance and the periodic inspection.

You are legally obliged to service every burner with a capacity of 100 kW or more once a year. This is also called periodic maintenance. You are also legally obliged to have existing steam boiler installations inspected at least once every four years (or more frequently if the First Special Inspection report states that this is necessary); this is called a periodic inspection (PI). The measurement details from the periodic inspection report are compared to the specified threshold values in the First Special Inspection report. That way, it can be determined whether the burner is in good working order. Kuiper en Zonen takes care of the entire process concerning burner maintenance in cooperation with authorized SCIOS-certified companies.

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